Dubai and UAE apply the most investor-friendly visa policies in order to further build upon the rising business hub success.

EFT’s highly experienced and knowledgeable experts will conveniently undertake the necessary for the most suitable ad correct type of Visa accommodating your personal and business requirements.

Our visa services can be categorised as follows

Property Investor Visa
Visit Visa / Tourist Visa
Employment Visa
Business Visa
Student Visa
Residence Visa
Spouse and Kids Residence Visa
Maid Visa

Visa Processing Guide:

Incorporate Company and Receive Trade License
Apply at the Ministry of Labour MOL a quota for employees with professional and basic personal details / 1-5 working days
Upload all necessary documents for Work Permit Approval
Make a Deposit with the Ministry of Labour to have File transmitted to the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department, where Process for residence visa begins
Entry permit is issued in order to be able to have ‘Residency Permit’ issued:
  • Medical tests in the UAE at designated medical centers / 24-72 hours
  • Finger prints will be recorded and personal photo captured for your Emirates ID Card
  • Official Labour Contract between employer and employee
  • Residency visa will be stamped into the passport, while Emirates ID and Labour Card are posted