The government of the UAE has encouraged and enabled a business environment where trade and business setups are promoted and enabled through diverse legal business entity possibilities. As a result, different types of international businesses have been attracted and flourish with local favourable conditions.

EFT Specialists are knowledgeable and experienced on how to handle the requested documentation to quicken processes at moderate fees in order to successfully achieve company formation.

Mainland LLC companies are suitable for both those who wish to target the UAE market as well as GCC and international markets. A Mainland setup enables your application for a personal residence visa and your family members, as well as further staff you might wish to hire.

Mainland companies require an Emirati citizen to participate in the company structure either as:

51%-Share Partner in all commercial, retail, hospitality and health licenses, although the foreign investor with 49% shareholding has full control of the company as Managing Director
Local Agent in case of consultancies or professional licenses with no shareholding nor appointment as director
Company Agent for your local branches, subsidiaries and representative offices again with no shareholding nor appointment as director